Three Ordinary Real Estate Expenses

Paid by Tenants of Triple Net Leased Properties

For a NNN lease, the tenant is responsible for paying the three key costs related to commercial real estate ownership. The three N’s (Net-Net-Net) represent these expenditures.

Property Tax

This is the jurisdictional charge that must be paid on behalf of a property. The tax is levied by the principal authority of the area where the property is situated.


Commercial business property insurance safeguards companies from problems small or large that incur financial losses. These rates vary between property and provider.

Common Area Maintenance

This is a supplementary charge, primarily comprised of routine maintenance fees for labor performed on the property.

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The Benefits of Triple Net Leasing



NNN – A Solid Investment

One of the most popular types of property in commercial real estate is a NNN investment. Many buyers add NNNs to their roster because of the noteworthy benefits they offer in comparison to other lease structures.

What are the advantages?

Safe and Profitable

Usually in the form of fast-food chains, auto stores, and pharmacies, they provide lower risk and sizeable returns, more so than other investment properties.

Forget about Management Responsibilities

The tenant is the one in charge of all the costs to operate and preserve the property. All the owner has to do is pay the mortgage (if there is one) and collect rent checks.

Tax Benefits

In regards to investors, NNNs provide excellent tax incentives. Like with other rental real estate properties, they are used by sellers to avoid capital gains tax on their returns.

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NNN Properties FOR SALE

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